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Audition Notice for my show!

‘Night Mother
by Marsha Norman

Audition Date:  November 16th, 2008
2:00 PM to 5:00 PM
No monologue will be necessary, but please be prepared to read from the script.

Hunger Artists Theatre
699-A South State College Boulevard
Fullerton, CA 92831

Performance Dates: January 9 - February 1, 2009

General Audition Information

The scene is the living room/kitchen of a small house on an isolated country road, which is shared by Jessie and her mother. Jessie's father is dead; her loveless marriage ended in divorce; her absent son is a petty thief and ne'er-do-well; her last job didn't work out and, in general, her life is stale and unprofitable. As the play begins Jessie asks for her father's service revolver and calmly announces that she intends to kill herself. At first her mother refuses to take her seriously, but as Jessie sets about tidying the house and making lists of things to be looked after, her sense of desperate helplessness begins to build. In the end, with the inexorability of genuine tragedy, she can only stand by, stunned and unbelieving, as Jessie quietly closes and locks her bedroom door and ends her profound unhappiness in one fatal, stunning and deeply disturbing moment—a moment never to be forgotten by those who have witnessed, and come to understand, her plight.

Character Descriptions
Mama: Well meaning, not very bright, but doggedly determined to do the right thing by her daughter. Stage age: roughly 55 to 65.

Jessie: More rational, less emotional than her mother. Concerned that her decision should not be misunderstood or cause needless distress. Stage age: roughly 30 to 40.

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