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A Game of Tears - Rock and Roll Blood Opera - Design Blog #1

I'm going to name-drop now, and I'm going to be shameless about it.

For a brief time, I stole John Wick away from game design.

A few years ago John and I played together in a band called the Awful Lot. That musical collaboration was born out of a pretty dark time for both of us, and we were hungry - aching, even - for an opportunity to channel that darkness into a medium outside of our "chosen" fields. As you probably already know, John is a Roleplaying game designer of no small repute, and I... well, I'm occasionally an actor. By no stretch of the imagination did we dare to call ourselves "musicians", and yet we stormed into that tiny rehearsal room in Hollywood and rocked it. Hard.  No, we weren't musicians, but in the beginning I think that blind, stumbling naivete helped us. We simply didn't know what the rules were, and so we were fearless about breaking them. 

It was a good time. 

A great time. 

But like all great things, it had to come to an end.  John eventually parted ways with The Awful Lot, grew tired of the Los Angeles rat-race, and moved to Arizona in search of his bliss.  He has friends, family and - thanks to the success of his masterpiece, Houses of the Blooded - has secured his place among the pantheon of great game designers.  He's healthy, happy and finally back to doing what he was meant to be doing: telling stories.  It's pretty inspiring, actually.

In fact, it's so inspiring that I've decided pay homage to Mr. Wick and his masterpiece in the only way I know how - by putting it to music.  There's something deliciously cyclical about getting this opportunity to give the Ven a rock and roll voice.  Perhaps it's arrogant of me, but I'd like to think that John's early research into the Ven culture was influenced in some small way by his time with The Awful Lot.  After all, if there was ever a culture that embodied all of the passions and excesses of rock and roll, it was the Ven.  And whatever else could be said about The Awful Lot, there was a lot of passion there.  Passion, lust, and yes, even betrayal.

All of those virtues that the Ven hold so dear.

So I will be working with John to translate and interpolate the lost fragments of the ven blood opera, A Game of Tears into something that our modern ears can appreciate - a rock opera.  I will be posting my progress here, for those of you who are interested in following this fascinating journey into the musical minds of the Ven. 

Thank you.

-Sheldon Morley
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